How’s it going guys I’m Theo Joe now you may remember way back in March of this year I made a video called is your CPU spying on you it might sound a little bit Sensationalist and it had to do with two different types of technologies first is the Intel management engine and also AMD’s Platform security processor and these are basically two chips that are on virtually every motherboard along with Intel and AMD chipsets that you cannot remove, but have very low-level access To your operating system that you cannot disable and basically has complete control over your computer And I was talking about the dangers of this especially if it were to get Exploited by either a government or hackers and a lot of people said all that’s just fear-mongering You’re paranoid. You’re an idiot.

It’s not true and Well, we recently found out I was right you see Intel recently announced that there was a critical major vulnerability discovered in the Intel management engine Which you almost certainly have in your computer and it allows the execution of quote Arbitrary code which basically means that if a hacker were to do this and use this exploit They could literally execute whatever code They want on your computer and by the way like I said before This type of chip cannot be disabled And it has low-level direct access to your RAM your peripherals all your hardware your Ethernet port and it can even be Enabled when your computer is off and not only that but it, bypasses the operating system Which means that no matter? What kind of antivirus or security software you have running on your computer? Whether it’s Windows or Linux or whatever operating system? You could still be vulnerable to this vulnerability so before we go any further I am letting you know you can patch this you need to patch this Intel did release a tool It’s called the Intel – si – – zero zero eight six Detection tool that’s the code for the name of this exploit And I’ll put a link to where you get this and I’ll put the link in the description as well So I highly recommend you download that tool off of Intel’s website run it on your computer and make Sure that either if your computer is not vulnerable Actually, my computer is a fifth-generation Intel CPU the 59 60 X so Actually not upgrading up my computer helped out, but if you have a sixth seventh or eighth or later generation Processor then you probably do have this exploit on your computer And you need to download the patch to fix it so in addition to the CPUs.

I just mentioned I’ll just put a list of all the different ones that are vulnerable and as you can see It’s pretty much all of them the Intel management engine is put into pretty much Every single intel chip, and if you’re wondering well. What is the point of this if you didn’t see my previous video Why would they do such a thing it’s basically to allow system? administrators for big companies to be able to manage lots and lots of computers without requiring employees to update all their software themselves it basically allows a company to manage all their computers from one place which is a Legitimate use, but the issue is that it’s such a closed source Blackbox chip that nobody knows anything about it because Intel keeps it a secret so that means that really no one could audit the code and Intel did actually audit the code themselves because so many people were worried about it and turns out the worries were founded Because they did find this huge vulnerability and the thing is we don’t even know if this Security flaw was discovered by anyone else beforehand if I had to guess it definitely was Especially by if anyone it was the NSA or the government probably had their eye on this software for a long time and I would Not be surprised if they knew about this for a long time the analogy I made in a previous video was imagine everyone had the same exact safe in the whole world and Everyone had them on their doorstep How long do you think it would take before the government tried to figure out how to? Open that same exact safe so really that was the same analogy here pretty much all Intel computers have this Vulnerability now and if it was discovered They were just shooting fish in a barrel and maybe the scariest thing is that? Because the way the Intel management engine works And it has direct access to the CPU and all the hardware it doesn’t have to interact with the operating system at all which means that if someone was messing around with your computer you would have no idea because The windows would not be able to see this going on at all Linux would not be able to see it going on at all because the management engine chip Which is basically like a mini computer on your computer will be able to possibly read? directly off of your hard drive or out of your RAM Without having to go through Windows which potentially would have something with security to block it It wouldn’t have to worry about that at all plus when it comes to AMD you might have heard me mention before Andy has pretty much the same thing called the platform security Processor it’s the same idea.

It’s a black box. Chip. You can’t disable it If you take it off the computer won’t boot all that sort of stuff and AMD has said they have no plans at this time To open-source it now there have been things I’ve met seen mentioned called Libre boot which apparently is a Project by people like hackers good hackers in this case who are trying to figure out ways to be able to boot your computer without this type of Backdoor processor going on but I don’t know much about it to be honest so in the meantime the only thing you can do is Patch that flaw you probably do have it if your computer was built in the past three or four years So run that tool. It’ll tell you as I said before luckily my computer did not have this flaw Thankfully I for some reason did not grade my computer in a while It’s one benefit but it will tell you and Then you can download the patch Yourself and fix it so I guess that’s pretty much all there is to say about it.

If you guys want to keep watching I’ll put some other videos right here You can click on and if you want to subscribe I make new videos every Tuesday Thursday Saturday And also be sure to enable notification by clicking the Bell or else YouTube probably won’t even show you new videos Even if you do subscribe because that algorithm anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys, so thanks so much for watching I’ll see you next time have a good one


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